Habbo - Welcome to Habbo!

Welcome to Habbo!

Come with us on an adventure!

Hey, nice to see u here!

We are very happy to welcome you with us.

After weeks of work that the team has put into Habbo, we finally open our Hotel.

You can expect features that make Habbo a unique experience.

We guarantee you entertainment around the clock, which is why you will never be bored at Habbo.

Besides a regular economy, we have events where you can win great badges and much more.

You are a trader? Then Habbo is the right place for you!

Collect weekly rares or 2 monthly limited rares and trade your way up and become the richest Habbo. Rares and Limited Rares will come with a Badge so you can!

You can also earn extra money at any time in our Fishing Bay, Collectorpark or at out Digsite where u can mine great rewards.

That's not enough for you and you want to stand out from the crowd?

No problem! With a Special or King membership you have a lot of great benefits that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Much more is waiting for you at Habbo Hotel, what are you waiting for?

Come with us on an adventure!